The animals were carved prior to 1900 by the Dentzel Carousel Company, and the carousel is one of the three oldest surviving Dentzel menagerie carousels.

All but one of the animals—a horse—is original to the carousel that was in Broad Ripple Park back in 1917.

There are a total of 42 animals, including horses, goats, giraffes, deer, a lion, and a tiger. 

Giraffes were included in most Dentzel carousels because they were his favorite animal.

The carousel was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

The Broad Ripple Park Carousel was also called the White City Carousel (named after the park where it was located).

The musical organ in use today was originally used in a San Francisco amusement ride.

Some of the animals are stationary. In fact, only 18 move up and down as well as go round and round.

The carousel is officially part of the museum’s collection. As expected, it is one of the largest pieces we house.

Preservation of the animals is done inside the museum. They are taken off the carousel one-by-one and given a thorough inspection and cleaning to ensure they will survive another 100 years.